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CST Practice Examination

So you want to know how you match up to the content and difficulty of the NBSTSA CST National Examination? Sign up and take the newly revised CST Practice Examination administered through AMP! The CST Practice Examination was developed using the same procedures as the actual CST examination. The CST Practice Examination is an excellent study tool for anyone and everyone interested in evaluating their knowledge related to the National CST Examination. The cost is $40; click the Practice Examination link today.

The NBSTSA has currently discontinued the administration and development of both Cardiovascular Surgery (CVS) and Orthopedic Surgery (OS) specialty examinations.  

Practitioners holding either the CVS or OS designation will maintain their CVS and/or OS credential designation so long as their primary (CST, CSFA, and CST/CSFA) credential is maintained with no lapse in the certification cycle. There are currently no additional renewal requirements or mechanisms for renewal of the CVS and OS credentials.  Practitioners allowing their primary (CST, CSFA, and CST/CSFA) credentials to lapse lose the CVS or OS designation with no possible renewal.