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AST  and LCC-ST provide package discounts to members


At the Orlando National Conference, board members from the Liaison Council on Certification and the Association of Surgical Technologists decided to provide deep discounts for instructors and individuals who want to purchase more than one product from the two organizations.


Discounts include AST membership, the national certification exam, the AST Study Guide and the LCC-ST self-assessment exam.

For instructors who wish to purchase ten or more packages – once again including membership, certification exam, study guide and the SAE – the discount goes even higher.


Go to AST website (http://www.ast.org/Content/Headlines/documents/JoinedForces3.pdf) for more information on the discounts.


For more information, call AST at 1-800-637-7433.



Beginning January 1, 2003, the certification cycle was lowered from six years to four years for new and renewing certificants. However, those who became certified or renewed prior to January 1, 2003 remained on the 6-year cycle awarded at that time. To assist CSTs and CFAs in better understanding both sets of requirements (based on certification cycle) for renewing the credential by continuing education, AST is providing following information.

6-Year Certification Cycle
CSTs who are completing a 6-year cycle must earn 80 CE credits in order to renew the credential. This includes individuals who passed the certification examination for the first time or renewed their credential in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002. Even though these individuals will begin a 4-year cycle after they renew, they must have earned 80 CE credits prior to the end of their current 6-year cycle in order to renew their credential. The 6-year certification cycles for these individuals are as follows:

* 1999 – 2005
* 2000 – 2006
* 2001 – 2007
* 2002 – 2008

Once their credential has been renewed, these individuals will continue their certification on a 4-year cycle and will have to meet the new CE credit requirement (see below).
The same renewal cycles and rules apply to CFAs, with the exception that 100 CE credits must be earned before the end of their 6-year cycle to renew the credential.

4-Year Certification Cycle
All CSTs and CFAs who have renewed their credential or who have passed the certification examination for the first time since January 1, 2003 are certified for four years. These CSTs must earn 60 CE credits during their 4-year cycle in order to renew their credential; CFAs must earn 75 CE credits. Upon renewal, the individual begins a new 4-year cycle. Examples of 4-year certification cycles are as follows:

* 2003 – 2007
* 2004 – 2008
* 2005 – 2009
* 2006 – 2010

Please remember that renewal is a two-step process:

* Submit CE credits to AST for processing and recording (nonmembers must pay a $300 processing fee) and
* Submit the LCC-ST certification renewal form to the LCC-ST with the renewal fee.

If you have any questions please contact LCC-ST at 800-707-0057.

Attention Program Directors:

LCC-ST Board approves new exam policies for students


Over the next few months, LCC-ST plans to implement several new policies designed to create a smooth process for students and program directors.


The first change, scheduled to start Sept. 1, 2005, is that program directors and instructors will be able to register their students to take the exam as a group.


Instructors and program directors must send in all student applications at the same time. LCC-ST will process the applications and then send the Authorization to test letter to both the instructor and the student. Using the ATT letter, the instructor schedules the exam for the class at the same time.


Depending on the size of the testing center closest to the school, the students might have to test in groups or over the course of two days.


Rural schools that do not have a  Prometric testing site could schedule a proctored exam at their school site, with some special arrangements by Chauncey to ensure exam security.


Students to take the exam before graduation


Also beginning Sept. 1, students can apply for and attempt the CST examination 30 days before they graduate.


LCC-ST will not release results to the candidate or any other party until graduation is confirmed. If the association does not receive proof of graduation within 60 days of graduation, then the certification is invalid. To qualify for a future CST exam, the candidate will be required to submit a new application, new testing fee and proof of graduation.


Proof of graduation includes letters from the education program director, diplomas or an official transcript.  Proof of graduation from an education director must be notarized and on official school letterhead.


Once LCC-ST receives the proof of graduation, we will send out examination results, certificates and certification cards.


LCC-ST, AST and ARC-ST conduct historic summit meeting


In early spring, the boards of all three surgical technologist organizations met for the first time in two decades, putting together a new strategic plan and pledging to work together.


The three groups met in Colorado Springs, which was the headquarters for the LCC-ST. Over three days, they hammered out the top priorities for the surgical technologist profession:


  • Certification as a condition of employment
  • Creating stable, active State Assemblies
  • Creating an associate’s degree as the minimum educational level
  • Strengthen associations with other Operating Room personnel organizations.


The three groups also pledged to continue to work together, creating a tri-council of all three organizations in surgical technology. A joint task force will decide the format of the tri-council. The consortium will identify projects that each of the three branches can pursue that will lead to better recognition in the surgical technology community.


In addition, the three groups defined the mission statement that drives them all: “To Enhance the Profession to Ensure Quality Patient Care.”  They also defined their core values as the following:


Every patient deserves a Certified Surgical Technologist, ensuring excellence in surgical patient care through:


  • quality education
  • quality credentialing
  • exemplary practice


At the end of the three-day summit, all three organizations agreed to continue the practice of meeting once a year to monitor progress on meeting the goals set at the strategic planning session and to create new projects and procedures to advance the field of surgical technology.


Changes for 2005

LCC-ST’s Board of Directors approved several changes to its policies and procedures during its October board meeting. The changes are effective Jan. 1, 2005, and reflect what the board hopes is a new, more streamlined effort at certification.

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LCC-ST teams with AST to process renewal continuing education credits.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2005, LCC-ST and AST teamed to begin processing continuing education credits for certificants interested in renewing their certification through the CEU process.

All credits will be processed through the AST office, then checked via secure computer links at the LCC-ST offices.

Credits must be received and processed at AST before the certification expiration date.

AST members can have credits processed during both four- and six-year cycles at no charge. Non-members pay a fee based on the certification and the cycle.

Six year cycle for CST renewals is $400; four –year cycle for CSTs is $400. The CFA six-year cycle is $400 and the four-year cycle is $400.

For more information on how CEUs are processed, contact AST Member Services by dialing 1-800-637-7433 option 3.


LCC-ST Exam Fees Increase

At their board meeting in October, 2004, the LCC-ST Board of Directors changed the fee structure for the National Certification Exam.

The new fee structure offers a greater discount to members of the Association of Surgical Technologists for both the CFA and CST exams.

Below is the new fee structure:

AST members: $190
Non-members: $290

AST members: $299
Non-members: $399

At this time, renewal fees for renewal by credits remains at $40. The board’s next scheduled meeting is a joint meeting with the Association of Surgical Technologists and the Accreditation Review Committee for Surgical Technologists.

New Exam Information
Check out the latest information on the Surgical Tecnologist and First Assistant examinations.

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LCC-ST Practice Exams Go Online
The Liaison Council on Certification for the Surgical Technologist announced that the practice exam for Surgical Technologist is now available on line.

The online examinations are similar to the real LCC-ST examinations in content topic areas covered, style of questions and pace. The test taker will receive results immediately following the exam and the report will highlight areas of weakness for further review.

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Update Your Address Online Information
It is now possible to update your mailing address over the Internet. Just click on the forms link at the right and fill out the necessary forms. It will automatically be sent to the LCC-ST office.

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New Renewal Information
Check out the latest info on CST or CFA renewals and continuing education grants.

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