Examination Results

The CST and CSFA examinations consists of 200 multiple choice questions, of which 175 are scored. The 25 pretest items (unscored) are randomly distributed throughout the examination for the purpose of analysis and statistical evaluation. The passing score is the minimum number of questions that must be answered correctly out of the 175 scored items. Score reports are provided to all candidates who take either a CST or CSFA examination.

  • Candidates must correctly answer 112 questions to pass the CSFA examination.
  • Candidates must correctly answer 118 questions to pass the CST examination.  

Each question has four choices listed, only one of which is correct. The answer to each question can be derived independently of the answer to any other question.

Pass/Fail Scores

Scoring of your examination will take place within 5 minutes. You will receive your printed pass/fail report before leaving the center. Official notification will arrive from NBSTSA within 2 weeks.  This timetable applies to off-campus testing only.

IMPORTANT:  Candidate score information will not release the day of the examination to those individuals who test on campus. For additional information related to on campus testing, please see our On Campus Web Based Testing (WBT) section.