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Test Information - Test Administration


After your identification has been confirmed, you will be directed to a testing carrel. You will be instructed on-screen to enter your Social Security or identification number. You will take your photograph which will remain on screen throughout your examination session. This photograph will also print on your score report. Prior to attempting the examination, you will be given the opportunity to practice taking an examination on the computer. The time you use for this practice examination is NOT counted as part of your examination time or score. When you are comfortable with the computer testing process, you may quit the practice session and begin the timed examination. You will be allowed four hours to take the examination. You should notify the assessment center manager when you have completed your test. Scoring of your examination will take place within 5 minutes. You should receive a preliminary pass/fail report prior to leaving the Assessment Center. Official score reports will arrive from the NBSTSA within 2 weeks.